Creating unique sculptures by bringing back to life historically worn and recycled metal

"The Great Barracuda": A very toothy specimen grinning for the camera. Weighing in at 30kg and measuring 1.2m. Constructed from machine parts, retired tools and used fishing gear. He will be cruising south tomorrow to be displayed at the Jahroc Galleries, Margaret River. Come in and say hi between 4-5pm to see this guy and "Iron Claw" in the flesh. ... See moreSee less

Posted 3 weeks ago

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Sam DavisTania Jessica A commission for the ECH [not a fish though]3 weeks ago

Vicki BrookesGood to hear we are getting another one , cool3 weeks ago

Leslie BoydAdmire your artwork and skill in assembly. Really unique and just cool!3 weeks ago

Sandra WatersTotally love your art especially the hawk. Maybe the Eagles now need one of your eagles !!3 weeks ago

Shay SmokerThats is really cool Jordan SpriggπŸ˜ƒ1   ·  3 weeks ago

Susan PaxtonLove your work !,,,3 weeks ago

Mark Blackvery cool3 weeks ago

Renate Arntzyes please3 weeks ago

Erin ParsonsWhat is his $ please.3 weeks ago

Tam MenegolaAwesome work Jord 😊3 weeks ago

Matt MacNeillAwesome3 weeks ago

Courtney RidoutYou have been busy!3 weeks ago

Stella GreenReally clever !3 weeks ago

Graham Dowlinggreat job3 weeks ago

Crystal PascoeDan pascoe2 weeks ago

Ali RussoMarc Russo love this !3 weeks ago

Lewis YorkSean Hayes not bad Spriggy !!1   ·  3 weeks ago

Teressa MillerLove ya work Jordan3 weeks ago

Matthew KnightChris Knight show dad3 weeks ago

Ann HooperBrenda Pineo Marion Dodd Susan Nelson3 weeks ago

Jess HarmanMark Howlett Ross Sears2 weeks ago

Stacey PutlandNadine Milne Jennifer Nagtegaal3 weeks ago

Stephanie GraceRichard Duncan3 weeks ago

Darren LawrenceColleen Lawrence3 weeks ago

Annie SchmidtJosh Liebich3 weeks ago

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