Creating unique sculptures by bringing back to life historically worn and recycled metal

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Posted 6 days ago

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Lachlan PattersonLooking sharp mate, I can see you as the new Russell Coight hosting a new series of All Aussie Adventures3   ·  6 days ago

Donna Stewart VegaAmazing piece of work! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.4 days ago

Sue WilkinsonVery nice, ah and so is the crab5   ·  6 days ago

Isaac FitchYou should've called him Morton the mud crab1   ·  6 days ago

Ali RussoMarc Russo I thought this was real . It's amazing1   ·  5 days ago

Dorothy MathiesonOh wow. Another put together. A job very well done. :-)5 days ago

Christine Ruby FarrellLove it.5 days ago

Terri VanceNice looking man! Lol5 days ago

Anita VoulonSo clever 😍5 days ago

Rob TaylorGreat stuff. Do any home or garden proud.5 days ago

Suzette StillLove this, amazing sculpture.6 days ago

Nancy McLean BeauchampWOW!!! I LOVE it!!5 days ago

Maylane MenoWow that's cool5 days ago

Tanya Callard InsleyGood one6 days ago

Mary HayLove this6 days ago

Jan HartNasty! in a good way5 days ago

Jenny LangFabulous6 days ago

Countess-Ky Gladden-DolsAwesome6 days ago

Kristina VitaloneFantastical!6 days ago

Karen DaunerSo creative!6 days ago

Pat FindlayAwesome5 days ago

Fernanda SampaioMaravilhoso!!!5 days ago

Susan Hesfordphenomenal talent6 days ago

Judy LucreYou are amazing !!6 days ago

Mary MoyWolverinish!!6 days ago

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"The Great Barracuda" ... See moreSee less

Posted 1 week ago

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Krystyna StiggerLove to have. For my hubby.1 week ago

Denise FrenchMean angry fish! Love it!1 week ago

Karen MacphersonWhere are your sculptures and are they viewable to the public to take photos1 week ago

Simon OtrantoSoo good your work is amazing.7 days ago

Hillary Smithcool!!1 week ago

Brendan JohnsThat's sweet1 week ago

Shay SmokerThat's awesome Jordan Sprigg.1 week ago

Jane BoltonAmanda Shields for Kev?1   ·  7 days ago

Ali RussoMarc Russo1   ·  1 week ago

Kaye ButlerYou are a very talented crafts man Jordan I like them all but the Barra is my favourite so far 😀1 week ago

Wickepin ArtsIt would look brilliant placed in water! Love what you do Jordan Sprigg Sculptures7 days ago

Ashley MacLennanDavid Graham1 week ago

Sarah KemshallHarrison Parker1 week ago

Ian SpriggTrevor Howard1 week ago

Natalie Menegola CheethamAwesome Jordan 🐟🐠🐡1 week ago

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