Creating unique sculptures by bringing back to life historically worn and recycled metal

"Little Jerry Seinfeld": A crowing Rhode Island Red inspired by Kramer's pet rooster from Seinfeld. Constructed from retired tools, machine parts and farm scrap. Soon to be heading to Yankalilla, South Australia. Let me know your best rooster name! ... See moreSee less

Posted 6 days ago

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Joan ArmstrongThis is my favourite little cockerel. His name is Mr Collins because he had strutted around our farm and has survived a couple of absolute catastrophes. I love him more than is strictly necessary.5   ·  6 days ago

Graeme Sims"Cyril". Just cause it's gotta be somewhere mate! And he's the cock of the walk when he plays. Bit like u! Daniel Webster Tom Oosterhof Morgan Bland2   ·  6 days ago

Caroline WellsMr Mabel . I call all my chickens Mabel and my rooster Mr Mabel saves me getting confused who is who! Xxx it's N old fashioned name but a very beautiful and fitting name for such wonderful creatures.1   ·  6 days ago

Julie DawsUsed to have family holidays in Yankalilla. He will be a great edition to a beautiful town. Fantastic ๐Ÿ“ rooster your so talented Jordan. I think George1   ·  6 days ago

Graeme SimsSam Freeman go check it out when you're there. A good hockey mate. Would tag blinkers too but he won't come up ha6 days ago

Julie O'brienSorry to be a tagging nuisance Jenny Deacon but I knew you'd like this handsome fella1   ·  6 days ago

Kris Sparks WalkerOur children named their favorite Rooster Cogburn, "RC". Yes, our home enjoys John Wayne!!! Beautiful work...1   ·  6 days ago

Rose KaneRussell ... Russell Crowe ๐Ÿฅ6   ·  6 days ago

Sher KeanFoghorn Leghorn the most, i say THE MOST famous rooster of them all, boi! Lol (of cartoon fame)1   ·  4 days ago

Rina BonnerScrapadoodledoo4   ·  6 days ago

Karen DaunerI bet you had a great deal of fun making that happy piece, it shows ..a true work of art to CROW about!6 days ago

Jeanette GiroudHe is fabulous Jordan. I was born in the Year of the Rooster. "Red October"6 days ago

Barbara GrovesWhat a handsome fella. I think Boris would suit him. ๐Ÿ˜Š6 days ago

Shelley Annand" Pretty Boots " wud be a cool nameโ€ผ๏ธ That's what the kids named ours๐Ÿ˜†6 days ago

Tam MenegolaI was in Margaret River today and went and had a look in Jah Roc. Awesome work Jordan xxx4 days ago

Judy WoollardHow about "Roger" the Rooster.You have done a great job ,he looks wonderful.6 days ago

Jan BeckerWonderful so talented, you will show South Australian's your fantastic craft. Wish you well. Christine๐Ÿ‘6 days ago

Kathryn Alexander'Sir Strutt of South Australia' came to mind Jordan Sprigg Sculptures. What a handsome piece he is!! Congratulations amazing work :-)6 days ago

Debbie MorrisYou are amazing, is there an opportunity to do something at the Merredin Show?6 days ago

Judi RogersHe is glorious Jordan, how did you make the cone so red?6 days ago

Sue ToopI think " Roy " would be a good name for your rooster.๐Ÿ™‚6 days ago

Lyn PotterReal talent..JSP..just luv him!! Name him Elvis....Elvis could sing and i reckon this handsome guy can too๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š5 days ago

Debi MortonI think your chooks need a rooster Lee Davies.1   ·  6 days ago

Rob TaylorIt's fabulous. Congratulations on a great job done.1   ·  6 days ago

Pauline YoungWe have a pet rooster called "Fowler".1   ·  6 days ago

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King of the Rock photo montage. 230hrs of construction time. Thanks again for all the support! ... See moreSee less

Posted 3 weeks ago

Video screenshot

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Shay SmokerYou are very talented Spriggy. I love the unique and cool artwork. How would you go making me a bundle of wheat please? Hahaha.3 weeks ago

Suzie MacleanJust saw this amazing piece in Margaret River, fantastic.3 weeks ago

Vivian Karina MunchowWhat a fantastic work of art mate that is impressive !1   ·  3 weeks ago

Cherilyn HaberAmazing, love it!3 weeks ago

Kaye WarburtonVery clever. You are talented3 weeks ago

Danielle ThorntonBrilliant, as usual!3 weeks ago

Tim CarterYou've got a talent mate!3 weeks ago

Roslyn StewartAmazing you little icy pole thief '3 weeks ago

Jacqui ThomsonThat's sensational!!3 weeks ago

Vivian RogersI so enjoy your work. Thank you for this montage.3 weeks ago

Levi-Craig MurrayThat's bad ass, Jordan!3 weeks ago

Jason PownallGreat work jordan3 weeks ago

Kylie M PowellCraig Powell1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jason LesterCorrina Lee3 weeks ago

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